Explore the vibrant sound of South Hill Banks, where bluegrass tradition meets modern rock innovation in a foot-stomping, genre-blurring spectacle. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, the band has carved out a path of its own with their infectious energy and dedication to electrifying live performances.

With roots deeply embedded in bluegrass, the quintet pushes boundaries, fusing the authenticity of acoustic instruments with the lively pulse of rock and roll. Their music is a journey through the heart of Appalachia, with detours into the realms of folk, Americana, and jam. 


Since their formation in 2015, the group has become a fan favorite on the festival circuit, winning both FloydFest’s “On the Rise” vote in 2017 and Lockn’s “Rockn’ to Lockn’” in 2020. Equipped with banjo, mandolin, upright bass, and both acoustic and electric guitars, South Hill Banks continues to captivate audiences with their striking melodies and tight harmonies. 


Whether you're a dedicated bluegrass aficionado or a casual listener, South Hill Banks invites you to join them on a musical voyage that transcends boundaries and leaves a lasting impression.


South Hill Banks is:

Lance Thomas (Acoustic Guitar, Vocals)

Dan Fiasconaro (Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Vocals)

Eric Horrocks (Mandolin)

Justin Doyle (Upright Bass)

Noah Stidham (Banjo, Dobro, Piano)